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Say you're cruising at 17000ft(I know this is low) at a speed of 310 knots and landing at a runway 700ft above sea level. This means you need to descend 16300ft. First off, cross out the last two figures so you're left with the number 163. You then divide that number by 3 to get 54.3. Let's say you're landing at 200 knots so you need to lose 110 knots. ...


Positioning flights do not have to be approved, whereas ferry flights have to be approved by the FAA by permit or operations specifications. Due to the nature of ferry flights only required crew and or mechanics my fly on the aircraft due to airworthiness limitations.


There are plenty of flights that depart Japan/East Asia after midnight and arrive in the US before midnight on the previous day. Or there's NZ40, departing Auckland NZ at 0955 on, say, January 1, and arrives in Tahiti at 1555 on December 31. You could party, watch the new year fireworks, sleep, fly and arrive early enough to do it all again.


Technically, yes. As I right this, it is half past midnight at London, Heathrow. It is half past eight at New York Kennedy. And, it is half past five at Los Angeles. If it were not Daylight Savings Time, it would be half past seven in New York. On New Years Eve, you would have between 4 and 5 hours to celebrate in London, fly and land, before you started ...


US airlines are extremely fuel conscious. They have software that calculates the exact throttle and flap settings required for the exact length of runway available so that they don't burn any more fuel than necessary, and that is all typically computed before they even push back from the gate. If the pilots know in advance (e g. from the ATIS) that ...


I fly them with a fair bit of regularity, then again I fly a PA-28 out of various Class D and C airports so my takeoff requirements are usually well under the available runway. Sometimes if you are in line behind a jet waiting for their IFR release the tower may give you a VFR departure in front of them from an intersection. They say pilots are foolish for ...

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