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Can a radio on VOX detect a loud tone and interpret as a cut on transmission (coming from pilot/cockpit)?

This could be a question for Electronics or Ham stacks, but we can state the basics here. It won't be built-in, neither in the transceiver, nor in the microphone. However such feature can be easily ...
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What is the difference between Best Rate of Climb and Maximum Rate of Climb?

Despite the simple explanation that differentiates between the two types of climb (Vx and Vy) based on shortest distance and shortest time does not give clear assimilation unless you consider the ...
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How does rudder braking work?

In addition to the answers and comments that clarify the potential confusion between 'normal' rudder controls and wheel braking with rudder toe-brakes, I thought it might be interesting to add that at ...
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How does rudder braking work?

I've always heard "rudder brakes" called toe brakes, but I think I understand what you mean. When you're operating the brakes, you're rotating the pedals about their centers using your ...
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