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If the R magneto was inadvertently providing a very advanced spark the premature ignition would effectively brake the engine very quickly. I'm not familiar with your engine but did have that happen with a classic Kettering (points/capacitor/distributor) ignition in 1977.


There's 3 potential problems. Magnetos are very simple in how they operate, and the system basically runs on 3 things that can be easily tested. Spark plugs, engines can die because of 1 bad spark plug, I've had engines become extremely rough and die within 5-10 seconds when checking R/L because of 1 plug with a piece of lead shorting the electrode. Magneto ...


This plane is comparable to a C150, altho less baggage area if you wanted to take a short trip. We upgraded from a C150 to a C177B when baggage area (and a child going on 2 years old) became a driving factor. Had even purchased some cable and turnbuckles to try and find a way to secure a car seat (which ended up in the basement, never used, as the C177 was ...


Part of the reason is also historical. After World War II was over there was a large number of veterans with flying experience returning to a country that suddenly had a massive surplus of small trainer aircraft. While the US expended huge amounts of resources on World War II, it was largely untouched by the destruction that many other countries suffered. ...


Combination of two factors Wealth, particularly long term. The USA is a wealthy country that has been that way since the invention of flight. A large number of general aviation aircraft flying today are quite old 70's and 80's equipment makes up a large portion of the market and even 40's and 50's equipment can be found easily. Area and population density. ...


It is said that airplanes fly because of money and the Bernoulli effect, in that order. So the first cause is simply that there's a lot of wealth in the USA to support what is essentially a rich person's hobby. There are also a lot of airplanes still flying that were built during the boom years of aviation to support interest in the novelty of plane ...

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