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Effects of lead on engines and engine oil

Yes theoretically you could put catalytic converters on airplanes running unleaded avgas and reduce those compounds. It isn't going to happen because the overall impact is too small to make up for ...
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What authority does the owner of an aircraft have as a passenger?

They have full authority over their own personal relationship with the pilot. For example, if the pilot does something they don't like they can choose to never let the pilot fly their airplane again. ...
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What authority does the owner of an aircraft have as a passenger?

This isn't a matter for the regulations. The PIC and owner of the plane should have a private agreement on how the airplane will be used. This can vary from no authority if the PIC has leased the ...
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What is the history life of Cessna 172 airplane?

You can try the FAA's look up, the field you are looking for once you click on the N-Number is MFR Year
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Why does a helicopter that uses the Coandă effect need a direct jet thuster aswell

The responses to changes in the Coandă effect are too slow to be useful as a precise anti-torque input control operated from the pedals. Remember that the sideways lift is coming from the main rotor ...
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Is needing to urinate an emergency?

You will have a hard time winning the argument that the need to deviate your flight plan is a true emergency if it was reasonably foreseeable. In short, faking an emergency is a BAD IDEA! Don’t do it....
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How to programmatically access AIP data, METAR, TAF, NOTAMs?

Recent update to puts the metar here: Raw format for example returns ...
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