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Can a radio on VOX detect a loud tone and interpret as a cut on transmission (coming from pilot/cockpit)?

There's no reason why this couldn't be done, but I am not aware of any system implementing such a technology. One potential problem is that something else in the cockpit could make such a sound and ...
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Why (and how) do aircraft rudders center themselves without input?

A backward swept hinge line on the vertical tail means that the center of gravity of the rudder will be lowest in the center position, so the rudder will self-center on the ground by gravity alone. ...
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Why (and how) do aircraft rudders center themselves without input?

The flight controls are connected directly to the flight surfaces. The flight surface will naturally settle to a point of least resistance- i.e. whatever they are trimmed to. The pilot has to actively ...
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Why (and how) do aircraft rudders center themselves without input?

The reason rudder surfaces are self-centering is to provide hands-off stability, where the natural tendency for the control surface is to adopt a zero-deflection state in the absence of inputs from ...
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What (if any) is the fastest way to make money with a pilot's license (without being full time employed)?

To answer your first question, there are five types of pilot certificate: A Student Pilot certificate is the very first type of certificate you will get while you're learning to fly. With this type, ...
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Daily use of the UK airspace - VFR flights

No affiliation whatsoever, but if you're considering flying VFR in the UK I strongly suggest you purchase a license for SkyDemon. The annual cost is less than 1 hour flying, and for that you get ...
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Tail Number of a particular plane

You can try to look the flight up on a flight tracking website such as flightradar24 or flightaware. They have information about the registration of the aircraft. For access to historic information or ...
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Why the windshield wipers move at deferent speed on captain and first officer?

If they are controlled automatically, then they might vary, although I would expect all wipers to run at the same speed. If they are activated manually and the speed is adjustable, or if each ...
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