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In North America, just buy an air-band radio and listen to Raleigh-Durham tower all you like, or if your ham unit receives the aviation VHF frequencies, do that. Or find it on It's only illegal to broadcast without authorization, not listen in.


There are ways that can help an air traffic controller identify such a situation. How to handle it though is a story deserving another question. Take for example MUAC's RDF. It shows a circle around the airplane that transmitted. If you read the leaflet you can find more information on how that system works. The subject has also been covered here in that ...


It's fine. A buyer will make their prebuy an annual. I would negotiate a lower price from you because an annual is necessary in this case where it may not be otherwise. Realistically, when I look at planes, the annual status is irrelevant. I'm going to get in there and check things to make sure everything is as it should be.


I also know that a lot of people prefer to sell planes with fresh annuals. I think the reality (from what i have seen) is that a a lot of people end up selling planes with a fresh annual. Essentially any smart buyer is going to want a pre-buy inspection and they are often willing to pay for them. In many cases pre-buy inspections are close to if not the ...

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