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Where do I find the requirement for an AFM to be serial number specific?

For the US, the FAA says in 25.1581-1 (Airplane Flight Manual): The AFM may address either a single airplane model (i.e., hardware build) or several models of the same airplane type. If information ...
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Airplane Owner, But don't have PPL. Can student pilot do oil change on their own plane?

No. A student pilot cannot do preventive maintenace per 14 CFR § 43.3(g) and § 43.7(f): Except for holders of a sport pilot certificate, the holder of a pilot certificate issued under part 61 may ...
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What are the rules for Public-Use Operations?

Also don't forget State Laws. For example North Carolina Chapter 63 Aeronautics, 63-20 requires all aircraft pilots to be Federally Licensed.....the loophole is that no NC State employed pilot has a ...
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Flying N-registered Aircraft in the EU (as an EU resident)

After a significant amount of further research, I finally found a post by policy expert Jyrki Paajanen of DG MOVE (EU Directorate for Transport) in the EASA Community Forum: The EASA Basic Regulation ...
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Is collaring a circuit breaker considered deactivation by the FAA?

Per AC 91-67A, there is nothing a private pilot can do: Deactivation. When an item is “deactivated” or “secured,” or both, the specified item must be put into an acceptable condition for safe flight. ...
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