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For quick conversion, the passenger seats are slid into channels in the plane's floor sort of like beads on a string and bolted into position at the correct seating pitch. Then all you have to do to convert to cargo is loosen the bolts and slide the seats out of the rails. This also would necessarily involve unplugging any electrical connections to ...


There is no penalty per se, but visual approaches in particular have lower separation requirements, so having to switch you back to a non-visual approach may require ATC to make corrections (e.g. delay vectors, speed control or, in extreme cases, a missed approach), which may feel like a penalty.


It's no problem, just tell Approach you have the airport in sight & request the visual. They'll give it to you almost always. A visual approach is generally a little less restrictive for the controller than an instrument approach is.


In almost two decades of flying for airlines, I've never seen it done, and never heard of any program to facilitate such staffing.

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