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While "comfort" may seem like a luxury, it's no fun to fly around with a headache. Give them a good try and look for minimal "squeezing" pressure. Also see other answers and comments re taking hearing protection seriously. Also if you routinely wear glasses (including sunglasses) be sure to test while wearing them-- they may break the earcup seal in a way ...


Kind of unclear, but this would be dependent upon the country in which the flight training is taking place. If the training is taking place in Russia, most likely the instructor would speak to the student in Russian. If in the United States, the instructor would speak to the student in English. As for ATC transmissions, the only time the flight crew would ...


Helicopter CFIs are not required to have an Instrument Rating. They may also provide training for the Commercial Helicopter rating (it,and the Pvt Airplane training; is not 'instrument training' as defined by the FAA Legal Dept. Pvt helicopter pilots are not required to have training on instrument control.

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