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Engineless Blimp Navigation System

To check the wind speed and direction at levels below the aircraft, balloon pilots often drop whipped cream or shaving cream. To explore the wind speed and direction at levels above the aircraft, ...
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Can we use leaf shutter mechanism as a drone dropping mechansim for payload weight of 3lbs?

No. Leaf shutters are designed for speed, not for supporting mechanical loads. Instead, just put a loop on the top of the payload. Put a pin through the loop. Retract the pin, in your case with a ...
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Engineless Blimp Navigation System

Yes, this gets into the question of off-board versus on-board far-field air data sensing capabilities. With regards to the latter, lidar systems have been studied. Alas, ttbomk, no practical, ...
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Question about MOCA and MEA

Per the FAA defintion of MOCA, the service volume is limited to a 22 NM radius around a VOR. So while it is possible to fly safely at 6,600 ft and navigate using GPS signals, pilots must use 8,500 ft ...
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Question about V25 route's MOCA

Terrain. It's easier to see if you look on the VFR chart instead. Heading southbound on V25, there is terrain up to about 7000 feet on V25 before LAPED. After LAPED, the highest terrain is only 4300 ...
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The nav accuracy during SID and STAR

TSO-c129 define the requirements for non-WAAS GPS receivers. In these receivers, TERMINAL (T) mode is equivalent to RNAV 1 and extends from the departure and destination 30NM. Between those two ...
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The nav accuracy during SID and STAR

This is an interesting question, because the FAA docs, like many large complex organizations, often have vague or contradicting definitions. RNP APPR, the navigational precision required for final ...
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