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How to fix JeppView VFR charts font display

JeppView uses different proprietary fonts in its charts. If they are not embedded when the chart is saved to PDF, lettering will not display correctly. On a Mac, running in the terminal ...
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Could a pilot navigate using distances and radials from an RNAV waypoint, similar to VOR navigation?

Not only is this possible, but some RNAV procedures (such as the JFK DEEZZ5) require it.
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LPV/LP approach (RNAV with WAAS): What is actually the "channel number"?

@George Williams provides the key element to understand why unique channel numbers are used for procedures not requiring individual radio channels, this is why I selected his answer. I'm only ...
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LPV/LP approach (RNAV with WAAS): What is actually the "channel number"?

No one has this correct. The channel is a legacy of how the LPV is encoded in the nav database. The format used is the same as a GBAS approach where a local VHF transmitter was used to broadcast ...
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Is it true an ILS CAT IIIc can automatically taxi-in an aircraft?

A CAT IIIC airport >>REQUIRES<< ATC AIRPORT MOVEMENT RADAR which is INTEGRATED with ANY CAT IIIC CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT. Such as the 787. End of story. You're welcome!
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