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The grey areas are the minimum descent altitude (MDA) for each approach segment. Below those altitudes there are hazards in those segments. When you conduct the approach you should be aware of those altitudes and take action if you get too close to them.


A very weird case, but each country can do things their own way. The ILS FAF - GS intercept at 2700' - is 0.2 NM inside the LOC FAF. In the FMC database, the former is coded as FI01, and the latter is VI311. The LOC FAF is also 6.5 DME off of the LOC DME, identifier IAV, which corresponds to 7.4 DME off of VNO (the Vilnius VOR). The key to seeing this is to ...


There are two DME transmitter located at the field. One is based on the IAV ILS transmitter (frequency 113.8). The other is based on the VNO VOR transmitter (frequency 110.5). They are not located in the same place. You can see how they match up at waypoints V1311 & V1312 on both the planform and profile view. The difference between the DME for the two ...

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