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They represent the bridges. You can use the bridges to gauge where to be on your approach.


It seems to be the symbol "M" for "missing cloud information". Note that CWIJ has a circle for cloud coverage that is slightly bigger than the standard circle size used for most other airports. Southeast of CWIJ, there is CWIC which has the symbol M as well, but there the edge of the circle coincides with the lower part of the symbol ...


In Europe, like in most of the world, IFR enroute charts are published in ENR 6 of the national AIP, which can be found notably from Eurocontrol @IS online. Some countries publish these charts in sections ENR 3.x. Some countries like Spain even publish electronic charts. More details (route data tables) about IFR routes are published in the following ...


It means that no Procedure Turn is required/expected if arriving within the sector defined by the 297 and 020 radials (inclusive) of DBL. The grey bars are a way of denoting the boundaries of the No PT sector (the entire pie section between the radials) without obstructing too much of the other details. That's why the bars are bordered on the north side of ...

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