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Why are there two Decision Altitudes at LTBR Bursa Yenişehir?

The glideslope altitude at the LOC MAP is 984. That’s not the DA.
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Example of where Class Echo abuts class Golf

There is an example in Alaska: the Cape Lisburne LRRS Airport. As a bonus, note the rare NDB-DME and LF/MF airway (Blue 2)!
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Does the Garmin G-1000 contain a database of airport information?

Yes. Airport information can be displayed on the MFD under Waypoint Pages (WPT).
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Why is there a blue square on top of the 2Q9 airport symbol?

The blue square is the symbol for the Dyer DME Why? The discontinuity is because Dyer is extremely close to the intersection of the San Francisco and Las Vegas sectionals, and the AirNav/Avare ...
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Why is there a blue square on top of the 2Q9 airport symbol?

If you are using website, on the far right-hand side of the page titled "Sectional Chart" click the picture. This will take you to a much larger image of the Sectional Chart ...
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