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Yes it may land on a closed runway, especially if airframe icing is a concern. The Tuvalu regs are very clear on that point.


Well, the runway closure would be NOTAM'd. I have no idea what the deal is in other countries, but in the US, per 14 CFR Part 91.3 "any pilot may deviate from any rule in this part to the extent of the emergency" or something similar. I would guess it's the same deal in other places.


Faced with bad weather, some icing, and an aircraft with a collapsed gear on the runway, I landed on the taxiway. The matter was complicated in that ATC was unaware of the runway closure. This was at night, in the winter, and the airport owner / manager fired up his equipment to light up the incident area, and did not file a NOTAM until after I was on the ...

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