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The Globaltuners site will allow you to tune their UK radios (subject to them being online) to the UK VOLMET frequencies if you really wanted. Whether this is technically "legal" or not is for you to decide ... it's not in the UK, but it's not enforced either.


My experience is circa 1990s, but I can offer some perspective on US fixed wing operations. Besides TACAN and ASR for non-precision approaches, there are (were) 3 precision instrument approach options available: Precision Approach Radar (PAR), Instrument Landing System (ILS, or “Bullseye”) Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS). PAR: This consists of both ...


Although I can’t detail fixed wing operations at sea, many countries operating helicopters use an ELVA procedure, an Emergency Low Visibility Approach. Most vessels operating aircraft will have a radar to provide a SCA (ship controlled approach) or if the helicopter has a radar it will be able to fly its own HCA (helicopter controlled approach). Assuming the ...

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