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Why don't LPV approaches use WAAS GPS for DA

One thing never to forget in aviation is redundancy - if possible never trust a single system - better have two or even more independent sources to crosscheck their data. Such as verifying the correct ...
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Why don't LPV approaches use WAAS GPS for DA

I'm pretty sure it's an artifact of the conservatism applied to the certification of WAAS LPV approaches. From a certification standpoint, the assumed vertical precision of GPS is not considered ...
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FMC and MCDU not talking

Assuming the MCDU is ARINC 739A compliant (almost all are) the logic behind the menus is entirely within the FMS. The MCDU is just a dumb terminal. When you press a button on the MCDU it just sends a ...
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Can ATC reject a GA aircraft IFR flight plan to a busy Bravo/Charlie airport?

Paragraph 2-1-2 of the FAA's Air Traffic Control Order (JO 7110.65z) states the following (pertinent excerpt): 2−1−2. DUTY PRIORITY a. Give first priority to separating aircraft and issuing safety ...
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