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Fences, cameras, and guards. That is often enough to keep trespassers or stow-aways out. That doesn't mean there is no risk. I still worry about what terrorists could do to a congested Friday evening line at JFK with speedboats and some RPGs. That's low hanging fruit, so there must be a plan to mitigate that risk.


Fences don't prevent intrusions, guards do. A fence without guards won't resist scaling too long. Not even a high wall with barbed wire on top will. The fence mainly serves as a clear demarcation of the restricted area, and as a delay for those attempting to intrude, giving the guards time to drive out to meet the intruders. So in this case the perimeter ...


I don't know the specifics for LFMN (Nice Côte d'Azur), but KBOS in Boston, Massachusetts, a major international airport which is even more surrounded by water than LFMN is and where the runways go right up to the shoreline, uses a set of buoys to demarcate a restricted security zone in the surrounding waters. This zone is patrolled by state, local, and ...


That is a bird tracking radar antenna to detect and track birds in the vicinity of the airport. The vertical component is used to determine the bird's altitude. ROBIN's 3D Flex system consists of a horizontal S-band radar, combined with a flexible Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar. The horizontal S-band radar identifies the presence and ...

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