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Maybe for helicopters? Looking at google maps there seem to be helipads on one of the parking lots -


closet airport for disneyland paris is cdg charles de gaulle. also orly airport cdg is most convient airport for dinsyeland paris beauvais airport 130 km fromdisneyland ( special for rayan air ) private transfers from cdg to disneyland paris Nearest Airport to Disneyland Paris


Since the other answers focus on the US and you specifically mentioned London Heathrow, I will answer for Europe. In Europe, Eurocontrol uses a central Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) system to avoid both congestion at the destination airport and in the enroute environment. The Air Traffic Flow Management System of the European Region comprises two ...


There are subscription based services by companies like Jeppesen and Lufthansa that provide such data, at a price. Free data is only available in more cumbersome formats like PDF documents and websites. Handy for looking up individual airports for your trip planning but not for automated data mining.


I have found something that will work. It is not pretty and I swear I can still smell the punch cards that produced the text files, but here it is: It is free, it appears to be updated by the FAA, (I verified it has the current frequency for my local VOR that I know changed 2 ...


"International" is supposed to be a code word to inform pilots and ATC that the Border Guards have a presence, and can admit you into the country: stamping passports, collecting duties, all that stuff. What you shouldn't do, say, is fly from Canada into Oswego County Airport, rent a car and drive over to Syracuse Hancock International to clear Customs/...


That information can be found on You can use the FAA's search tool rather than manually look in a copy of the chart supplement. However, updated PDF copies of all of the chart supplements are hosted by the FAA here.


There is no US regulation about whether an airport can be called "international." The Secretary of the Treasury designates the official list of international airports of entry. But not all airports on this list are even called international, and it does not include all airports with international flights. There are even some airports called "international" ...


It is defined by the ICAO in this glossary: International airport. Any airport designated by an ICAO Contracting State in whose territory it is situated as an airport of entry and departure for international air traffic, where the formalities such as customs, immigration, public health, agricultural quarantine and similar procedures are carried out.

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