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This answer will address your question according to US FAA guidelines. Make sure to verify with your country’s aviation agency. Civil Twlight The time that you can log as “night” is based on the start or end of “civil twilight.” Civil twilight is defined as the time when the geometric center of the Sun’s disk is at most 6 degrees below the horizon. Civil ...


The correct term is nomograph or nomogram. Thanks Gerry! Also, thank you to Peter Kämpf and Dean F. for helping to answer my actual question, instead of the one I asked.


In principle it does not matter which system of units you choose to use as long as you are consistent. It is however always easier to do everything in SI units and then convert the result of your calculation into whatever unit system you prefer. Using inconsistent units has resulted in many accidents including the crash of the Mars Climate Orbiter. That is ...

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