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Hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe. And will escape ANY container inevitably. Real hydrogen tanks for fuel cells, etc often possess valves for relief to allow hydrogen to vent to prevent explosions or gas buildup. A minor leak of hydrogen in a plane, one spark and you have a TWA800 situation


Airbus have claimed they aim to produce hydrogen-fuelled passenger planes that could be in service by 2035. They have developed three ZEROe concept designs. Unveiling its latest blueprints, Airbus said its turbofan design could carry up to 200 passengers more than 2,000 miles, while a turboprop concept would have a 50% lower capacity and range. A third, &...


I looked up a cannister boost pump and jettison fuel pump on the Eaton website and found a cannister boost pump for the 747 that puts out 28,000 Pounds Per Hour, and a jettison pump also for the 747 that puts out 40,000 PPH. Safe to say jettison pumps generally have a higher output than engine boost pumps, for obvious reasons.


That really depends how safely you want to get off the ground. If you are looking to get in and out of tight airfields using STC'ed parts you may want to consider a STOL kit which can modify the plane such that you can utilize a shorter runway. There are some airframes that do have horsepower increase modifications available but that takes actual mechanic ...


Most methods of increasing engine power would require major modifications to the engine which would require a Supplemental Type Certificate from the FAA. This would include the use of alternative fuels or fuel additives. A better and much easier method to achieve your goals of shorter runway requirements is to reduce the aircraft weight. This can be achieved ...

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