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Why does JetBlue have aircraft registered in Germany?

I am the pilot who delivered this aircraft on Friday. The German registration remains on the aircraft up until the time we (JetBlue) purchase the aircraft. Prior to transfer of title, we perform a ...
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Why is tape being applied to this jet engine?

It's not duct tape. It's speed tape. Speed tape is an aluminum pressure-sensitive tape used to do minor repairs on aircraft and racing cars. It is used as a temporary repair material until a more ...
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How can Ural Airlines fly an A320 from an unpaved field after an emergency landing?

TLDR: cold winter will freeze the ground and make it hard enough. First, there was a similar case of Alrosa flight 514 that landed on a disused runway in Izhma in September 2010, was fixed and flew to ...
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Is the aircraft in this image real?

I am 100% sure this is fake. I found the same picture on Twitter in a tweet from April 28,2020 , but in higher resolution: You can see the registration on the aircraft clearly: D-AVXA. This ...
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What's that in front of the overhead panel?

That's where the analogue/backup compass is stowed. The compartment can be opened downward if you ever need to use the compass, as seen in this image:
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Why does JetBlue have aircraft registered in Germany?

That is a very very new aircraft. The notes on the jetphotos.com posting (photo taken 2/21/2021, uploaded 2/27/2021) say: the first A321neo for jetBlue with the Mint suites on board for North ...
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Placement of positioning lights on A320 winglets

Position lights are only visible in certain sectors (see image). The red and green lights on the wings are not supposed to be visible from behind. Image source: Learn to fly
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What does this black triangle placard on board an A320 denote?

If there is a problem on-board and the crew is unsure about the condition of the aircraft, the triangle indicates what window should be used to inspect flaps, slats or engines or look out for icing. ...
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What are these Lights on the Center Column between Cockpit Windows on the A320?

These are not lights, they are the Eye Reference Indicators. They are used to find the correct seating position. You adjust your seat such that the white ball is exactly hidden behind the red ball on ...
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Is an Airbus A319 allowed to fly with a missing flap track fairing?

Fully permitted according to this Configuration Deviation List for the A320: One fairing may be partly or completely missing. There are more posts about this occurring. As Noah Krasser points out, ...
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Placement of positioning lights on A320 winglets

There are three position lights. Red, Green and White. The red and green ones are placed on the wings and should be visible from the front and side up to an angle of ±110 degrees from the longitudinal ...
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What is the white pattern on trim wheel for?

The white marks make it easy to see if the trim wheel is moving, which would be tricky if it was entirely black. But wouldn't the pilot always know if they was spinning the trim wheel? Remember that ...
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Does the ditching switch allow an A320 to float indefinitely?

The answer is no, not totally, but it would really slow things down. I don't think anybody knows the precise answer because only flat water ditchings seem to result in the airplane stopping in the ...
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How much training does an A320 pilot need to fly an A321?

From Flight Training International: Airbus A320 Type Rating The Airbus A320 family of jet airliners consists of five aircraft: the A318, A319, A320, A321 jet airliners and ACJ ...
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What is this yellow section around the cockpit window?

You're right. The aft no. 3 fixed window has a reusable retainer with 2 rows of fasteners- one for holding the window glass and another for attaching to the fuselage, as can be seen in this PPG ...
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Passenger window insert pops out mid-flight

Copied from https://thepointsguy.com/news/what-are-airplane-windows-made-of/: A cabin window consists of three panes: 1) an outer pane flush with the outside fuselage, 2) an inner pane — which has a ...
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What is more environmentally friendly? An A320 or a car?

I'm going to simplify and assume that jets and cars burn the same fuel, and output the same exhaust, CO2, NOx and all. I'm going to compare only short-haul flights against cars. According to ...
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What are those gray spots on the wing?

They are rivet ends. The paint seems to have a hard time sticking to those, not an uncommon sight on older planes. Thanks to Darrel Hoffman's comment, I did some digging: The phenomenon is known as ...
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How can some stretched derivative airplanes have longer range while most have less?

When aircraft are stretched, they usually just receive extra fuselage plugs on both sides of the wing: wing redesigns are incredibly expensive and take a long time. So the longer aircraft has a higher ...
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What is this turbine engine panel that opens on landing?

What you saw is the thrust reverser of the engine, which redirects some of the airflow forwards and therefore helps slowing the aircraft down. The grid like structure are the cascade vanes. This is ...
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Did A320 NEO need an equivalent to 737 MAX MCAS because of its bigger engines?

The A320 and 737 have very different flight control architectures. The 737 has physical cables that transmit pilot (or autopilot) input directly to the hydraulic actuators. This was common in the ...
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Why cruise at 7000' in an A319?

The only reason for your flight to operate at such low altitude is because it is cheaper for them to do so. As you said it is due to weather, other route/altitude may not be available. They can ...
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What does the "High Alt Landing" guarded push button on the A320 exactly do?

The button raises the altitude at which the oxygen masks in the cabin automatically deploy. When landing at a high elevation airport, the masks might otherwise deploy during approach when the cabin ...
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Is the aircraft in this image real?

The question has already been thoroughly answered by DeltaLima, I'll just add that the original, unaltered, photo by Lars Hentschel can be found here: https://www.airliners.net/photo/IndiGo/Airbus-...
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What could the fuel pump failure have been that my flight experienced?

The conversation may have been about fuel pumps or fuel transfer valves but the flight attendant was probably told that as a simple explanation - it would not have been the real cause. Aircraft have ...
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