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I don’t normally post answers that I cannot personally verify, but I have a Facebook friend who is FO in an A320. I sent him a message and asked your question. I don’t have any official documentation to reference, so take this as anecdotal... An A320 with CFM engines burns about 600lb/hr per engine at idle in ISA conditions. An A320 with V2500 engines burns ...


CI = course to intercept CF = course to fix FI = fix to intercept CD = course to DME FD = fix to DME These are AIRINC 424 leg types. You can find more information on them here


It's a plug door. The door nestles behind an array of cleats and a set of L shaped guide tracks and has to move up some distance, as you can see in the video, to clear the cleats and exit the L track. When it's dropped into the locked position, it's not dependent on any moving parts to resist pressure because it settles behind the fixed cleats in the outer ...

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