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How can Ural Airlines fly an A320 from an unpaved field after an emergency landing?

TLDR: cold winter will freeze the ground and make it hard enough. First, there was a similar case of Alrosa flight 514 that landed on a disused runway in Izhma in September 2010, was fixed and flew to ...
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How do you capture the localizer in an A320?

On the MCDU F-PLN page, select the arrival airport (LSK6L) and then select ARRIVAL (LSK1R). Then select the ILS approach you intend to fly. Make sure the ILS approach is now shown under APPR, e.g.: ...
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Is there usually vertical movement between the wing and fuselage?

While all structures have some compliance, for all purposes, no. The wing-body join is going to be an extremely rigid set of fittings with numerous bolts attaching them. The wing itself is quite ...
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Why is the refueling point of this A320 on the left wing instead of the right?

It's possible that an A320 can be refueled from a refueling point located on either wing, as installed. (Source) (Highlighting is mine)
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