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According to Airbus Airbus quote a single range figure of 6300km for the A320neo This is 100km more than Airbus claim for the A320ceo with sharklets but the difference is probably due to increased fuel capacity in the A320neo and possibly to revised wingtip arrangements. The difference in range between older A320 (~5700km?) and A320 with sharklets (~...


For some general reasons, see Why is engine No.2 started first, instead of No.1? Airbus A350 Specifically to the Airbus A350, I could not find any reason why one engine must be started first. As far as I know every modern airliner could start engines in arbitrary order. The Airbus A350 has two hydraulic systems. From the Airbus A350-900 Flight Deck and ...


The term E&E is used only in Boeings aircraft. For Airbus try to Google "avionics compartment" as this is the correct term. This specific data you Will find in wiring diagram manual and schematic diagram manual, sadly due the complexity of the systems you won't find only one file for all systems.


FreeMan - Commercial jet aircraft wheels are installed with a single nut on the axle, like a wheel hub on a car. The commercial jet aircraft axle is a few inches in diameter and is hollow. The wheel bearings are tapered, and while the axle nut is being tightened the wheel is spun ih the normal direction of rotation. A higher initial torque is applied to the ...

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