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If possible, apply to a college which has a flying club open for students. You'll get ground school, flight training, and flying time at a discount and you can pace your progress according to how much free time and money you have.


If you have ready access to university, do the degree first. You won't have time later, and if you get a pilot job in future and lose your medical for whatever reason, you will have an education to fall back on. In any case, the aviation industry is going to take a number of years to recover from this whole "plague" fiasco, so you shouldn't be in ...


The UN charters aircraft full-time from ICAO-compliant commercial operators (the aircraft are also painted in the UN livery). So you need to be working at one of those airlines/operators the UN chooses, and then it will depend on that employer's internal policy. To fulfill its mission, UNHAS uses a fleet of more than 90 aircraft, including helicopters, ...

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