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There's no likely career path, if you have serious enough medical problems they will probably prevent you from getting a job in aviation flying anything commercially. However, that's a separate question, you'd want to talk to an aviation medical examiner to find out what avenues are open to you. There is a path to flying military style jets as a civilian ...


There aren't enough F-22s to go around. Too expensive. The F-18C/D Hornet that replaced the F-14 has itself been mostly replaced by the F-18E/F Super Hornet. The look the same, but the E/F is actually larger and more advanced. Not really the same aircraft. Maintenance. Facilities on a carrier are restricted, simply due to space. If they can reduce the number ...


This arrangement is for a better fulcrum (not pun intended here) in pitching. Advantage is that they hide the plum of exhaust heat at some angle of view form the enemie aircraft

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