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There are subscription based services by companies like Jeppesen and Lufthansa that provide such data, at a price. Free data is only available in more cumbersome formats like PDF documents and websites. Handy for looking up individual airports for your trip planning but not for automated data mining.


I have found something that will work. It is not pretty and I swear I can still smell the punch cards that produced the text files, but here it is: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/aero_data/NASR_Subscription It is free, it appears to be updated by the FAA, (I verified it has the current frequency for my local VOR that I know changed 2 ...


That information can be found on FAA.gov You can use the FAA's search tool rather than manually look in a copy of the chart supplement. However, updated PDF copies of all of the chart supplements are hosted by the FAA here.


Yes training can be provided for aircraft under 12,500 LBS Category 1 and 2 apply to training in aircraft over 12,500 LBS. Category one is the standard process for application. (a) Category 1—Regular processing for flight training on aircraft more than 12,500 pounds. A flight school may not provide flight training in the operation of any ...


Assuming the crux of this question is about the need for TSA clearance for the training then the answer can be found in the FAQ section of the flight school candidate website under the question; When is a flight student exempt from the requirement to undergo a TSA security threat assessment? You will see a table with some exemptions including the 14 CFR §...


N133AA appeared on an American Airlines DC10, but American Airlines retired, sold or scrapped all their DC10 and MD11 aircraft by 2002, releasing the registrations for other uses. Wind the clock forward 15 years and somebody has used N133AA for a Robinson R44 helicopter. I speculate that the effective owner of the helicopter is one Agustin Anaya, who ...

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