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Hinged panels that swing out to increase drag and slow down an aircraft.

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In a plane with airbrakes, such as a glider, how do slips and airbrakes interact?

While adding a slip to enhance my descent rate, I got to thinking that the airbrakes might be losing effectiveness as the slip twists them out of the relative wind. This thought arose because I did ...
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Size of speed brakes for glider

I have a concept glider and I am trying to calculate the required speed brake area. The clean glide ratio is currently 30, and with speedbrakes, I am aiming at reducing it to something around 7. I ...
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Do all 767-200s have speedbrakes that deploy automatically upon touchdown?

It may just be a coincidence, but I found two videos that involve the 767-200's speedbrakes not deploying automatically upon touchdown (which should occur if they are armed). The first video shows the ...
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Exactly when do the ARMED Speed Brakes extend after landing a B737-800?

When do the armed speed brakes of a B737-800 extend after landing? Is it when the main gear makes contact with the ground, or must the nose gear also be on the ground?
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Why are the speed brakes on the F-86 deployed when parked?

The lovely F-86 Sabre always seems to have its speedbrakes deployed when parked, to the point that most of the results I found looking for a good photo for this question were scale model forums ...
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Why would an F-35 take off with air brakes behind the cockpit extended?

At the Farnborough Airshow, I saw an F-35 take off with air brake behind the cockpit extended. Why would they do that?
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Can an airliner with no brakes be slowed down after landing by steering it into the grass?

If pilots have no control over brakes / air brakes / reversers, can they slow down the plane after landing by carefully steering it off the runway into the grass? Would it be better to put only one ...
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Do airplanes really expose their internal wires and electronics like this on the wings when braking?

While watching a video today about airplanes and how they have little thingies on their wings to make them come to a stop much quicker than otherwise, I noticed something very odd: Are those cables ...
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Has an F-16 ever done a landing without the speedbrakes extended?

Has there ever been a landing made by an F-16 without the speedbrakes extended?
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Do the speed brakes on an F-16 change its pitch?

In level flight at 400 knots, what happens when the speed brakes are extended?
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What are the differences between top and bottom mounted airbrakes?

What are the differences between airbrakes on the top side of jet aircraft (like on the F-15) compared to those on the lower side (like on the A-7), in terms of effectiveness and pitching when they ...
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Why would a fighter use the afterburner and air brakes at the same time?

I was looking for air brake pictures on different fighters, and then I saw a Tornado using afterburner and air brake at the same time! Air brake duty is to reduce speed, isn't it? So why would a ...
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When, exactly, were the DC-8’s airbrakes removed?

The DC-8 was originally equipped with airbrakes on the lower rear fuselage, but these were quickly removed. Wikipedia says that they were removed before the DC-8 entered service: [...] Douglas made ...
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What prevents aircraft with a tailcone APU from using tail-mounted airbrakes?

The BAe 146 and Fokker F-28, which are virtually alone among jetliners in lacking thrust reversers, compensate by using large, tail-mounted airbrakes to help slow the aircraft during descent and ...
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When were airbrakes used for the first time in aviation?

I would like to have some information about the history of airbrakes.
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Why do some aircraft (e.g. Avro RJ85) have rear-mounted air brakes?

I recently saw an Avro RJ100 on approach and I wondered why the Avro RJ100 and also the RJ85 have the air brakes at the rear of the aircraft, and not on top of the wings like most airliners? (...
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Why does this regional jet have its air brakes wide open before touchdown?

I was looking at a detailed picture of a plane while following its path on Here is the Avro RJ45 I am talking about: I wonder why its aerobrakes at the empennage seems wide opened ...
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How is airbrake function performed on the Dassault Rafale?

At the end of airshow display (just before landing), the dassault rafale seems to slow down very quickly as it reach the top a final loop. It seems as if the pilot apply full airbrakes, but it seems ...
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Do major passenger airline jets have airbrakes/speedbrakes?

Now I've heard that passenger airliners do not generally have airbrakes , and simply use their spoilers as airbrakes since they can perform the same function. Are there any major jets that use ...
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How does flying with flaps differ from flying with airbrakes?

I've got a private pilot license and learned on a Scheibe Falke SF25. For the last year however I've only been flying a C42 Ultralight. I find flying the UL way easier for one particular reason: it ...
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