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For questions about the BAe 146 / Avro RJ.

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Why are hydraulic pumps mounted on engines 2 and 3 in BAe 146?

The BAe 146 has 4 engines: engine no. 1 and 4 generate electricity engine no. 2 and 3 generate hydraulic pressure Why was this setup chosen?
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Do the four engines of a BAe-146 make it efficient?

The BAe-146 is a small aircraft that can seat approximately 80 passengers, but it has four engines. Does having four engines instead of two affect the way it performs or is it more efficient or less ...
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What are the differences between the Avro RJ85 and the BAE 146-200?

As far as I understand, the Avro RJ is a newer version of the BAE 146? What are the exact differences?
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Why do some aircraft (e.g. Avro RJ85) have rear-mounted air brakes?

I recently saw an Avro RJ100 on approach and I wondered why the Avro RJ100 and also the RJ85 have the air brakes at the rear of the aircraft, and not on top of the wings like most airliners? (...
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Why does this regional jet have its air brakes wide open before touchdown?

I was looking at a detailed picture of a plane while following its path on Here is the Avro RJ45 I am talking about: I wonder why its aerobrakes at the empennage seems wide opened ...
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Why does an Avro RJ85 have four engines?

The British-designed Avro RJ85 is a short-haul airplane with four jet engines. What is the purpose of four engines for such a small aircraft?
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What happens to the control systems of a BAe 146 when the aircraft runs out of fuel?

On a BAe 146, is there any way to control the aircraft when it's out of fuel? Does the APU run on a separate tank? Can the engines be windmilled for power generation?
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What are these two tail elements of the Avro RJ100?

What are these two tail-side elements of British Aerospace Avro RJ100 and what is their function: Photo source: Eric Verplanken,
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Why does the BAe 146 have higher maintenance costs than other comparable jet aircraft?

In many discussion(1)(2) it is stated that the BAe 146 has higher maintenance cost and higher cost of operations in compare to other jets due to its complexity. Quoting IslandHopperCO (Reply 21): ...
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What is the maximum range of a BAe 146-300? Can auxiliary fuel tanks be added?

What is the maximum range of a BAe 146-300? I saw one on which started in western France and is still flying non-stop to Greece (flight in progress at the time of posting). I was ...
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