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This answer has a list of all airports with a Cat III ILS system. Africa was assigned ICAO region codes D, F, G and H, so you can just look for ICAO airport codes on the list starting with those letters. The only one I see is "GMMN (MOHAMMED V INTL) on runways: 35L, 35R". That name wan't familiar to me, but a quick Google search says that GMMN is Casablanca,...


Looking at the report, the airplane does not appear to be certified for CatIII in the first place (it would have to have Head Up Guidance and not that many do - the CRJs are the same) so the QRH doesn't need to mention an approach category that the airplane can't do anyway. As far as CatII goes, the approach with no pitch trim is going to have to be flown ...


The FAA has a Flight Inspection Manual which describes the checks that must be done and how often. Table 4.1 shows that an ILS must be flight checked every 540 days. Section 15 describes what happens during one of these checks. It's quite an extensive inspection!

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