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I found your quoted text in Section 5-4-6 of the AIM. You quote paragraphs b and c of the section. I will break down paragraphs a, b, and c using examples. Each paragraph is discussing a situation in which a pilot has been cleared to a holding fix (perhaps by clearance delivery, i.e. the last fix in the flight plan) and has been "cleared ... approach&...


A flyover waypoint will have a circle drawn around it on a chart, whereas a fly-by waypoint will not. (Easy to remember: the circle looks like the O in Over) The symbols for a fly-by and a flyover waypoint in aeronatutial maps and charts can be differenciated by the circle surrouning flyover waypoints.


I'd google it & look thru the results until you find one that has the arrival depicted. Understand that the numeric part of the arrival (6 in GOLDN6, for example) changes over time. Maybe the FAA adds, or removes, or changes a speed restriction at a given waypoint on the arrival. The number will go up, and the new version will be effective on a given ...


The question is flawed because it presumes that you are flying a published instrument approach procedure in uncontrolled airspace without an IFR clearance. Looking at the VFR sectional you can see that there is a shaded magenta border around this airport that signifies Class E airspace, (controlled airspace) with a floor of 700' above the surface. You ...

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