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Just talked with some experienced pilots and they all concluded that this is a case into know icing as you expect icing to occur at temperatures below 0 degrees celsius thus climbing through a layer (visible moisture) known to be above freezing level is definitely "flight into known icing", especially from a legal point of view, no matter if you ...


as one of the answers already mentioned reference to «MED.B.075 Colour vision» paragraph of 1178/2011, I won't paste it here again. That is the important piece of legal poetry that makes decision whether you fly at night or not. Or whether you get class 1 medical or not. Important part is, there is no «color blind» terminology in EASA legislation today. ...


It seems highly unlikely that you would be caught if you flew a 2 crew aircraft as a single pilot. The real issue would be what would happen if there was an accident, even a small non-injury accident, and there was an investigation. And the bigger issue would not be what the FAA would do but what the insurance company, or aircraft owner, would do.

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