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How is half of the wing strut (high wing) [or half the aileron (low wing)] a good reference to estimate gliding distance?

I suspect this is just a rule of thumb thing that works out just about right. The geometry will have to do with the approximate height of your head vs the strut/aeileron, the altitude of your aircraft ...
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Can you take off from a country road in a ultralight aircraft?

As long as you aren't doing anything reckless or otherwise against regulations, the FAA doesn't care. Your state or local regulations may prohibit it, though. For instance, it is illegal to do so from ...
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Why did flight AC8823 not land in Washington and why fly to Toronto?

Although this may not fully answer the question, I post this information as such because it looks into the cause (high wind) provided as a reason by the airline, and it is too much for a comment. If ...
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Why would a pilot leave the gear down after takeoff for extended period of time?

It could be that the Wheel Well Fire Detection System was inoperative. According to the B-787 "Master Minimum Equipment List" (as shown from this website, in pertinent part) the Wheel Well ...
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Are manned balloons allowed to land anywhere?

usa streets and parks and farms and whatever are the norm for hot air balloons. Understand this is a sport balloon not a utility aircraft for going from point a to point b. Which means you ...
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What would happen if a hot air ballooon was punctured in mid-air?

you can fly with large holes, the fabric is a rip stop nylon so long as the fabric is in good shape (you have 100 hour/annual inspections (in usa) like any other aircraft) the rip wont stop. A large ...
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Why does the A350-900 call out to retard at 20 feet above the runway?

It depends on the airframe, but in this case, I guess Airbus test pilots determined that 20 ft AGL was the best place to retard the throttles to expedite the roundout with enough energy left to do it ...

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