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The reasons GBAS and SBAS are the way they are goes back to decisions made in the early 1990's when the concepts were first proposed. When the push started for satnav approaches it was obvious that augmentation was necessary to meet the accuracy and integrity needed for approach procedures. The FAA tasked RTCA to develop the standards and that was delegated ...


The GBAS method allows for more dynamic implementations than the database method. Databases are updated only on the AIRAC cycle date, and getting a change through requires months of preparation beforehand. The GBAS message can theoretically be changed overnight. For example, if an airport needs to urgently displace a runway threshold (e.g. because of ...


I finally received an answer from Garmin, which wasn't very helpful Garmin's answer: Hello, we verified that both ILS approaches for RWY 16 (Z and Y) show up on our GNS430w with the current Navigation data '2010'. Maybe the issue you had was resolved with the latest map update.

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