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Yes, both allow you to “LOAD” an approach without “ACTIVATE”-ing it. Slow down for just a moment when plugging in the approach. Or, better yet, practice doing it in a AADT or higher sim or on the ground until it is muscle memory. Try finding Max Trescott’s G1000 book.


There is no penalty per se, but visual approaches in particular have lower separation requirements, so having to switch you back to a non-visual approach may require ATC to make corrections (e.g. delay vectors, speed control or, in extreme cases, a missed approach), which may feel like a penalty.


It's no problem, just tell Approach you have the airport in sight & request the visual. They'll give it to you almost always. A visual approach is generally a little less restrictive for the controller than an instrument approach is.


There is no set universal scale, every plate is to scale but with different scales. Essentially, they scale the place to show the representation required to orient the pilot. When these plates are printed out they may be resized by software, so even saying X mm is 1.25NM won't work. It sounds like you might want to superimpose a plane on the plan view, ...


FYI, what you're trying to do is called "georeferencing." The scale for each plate is whatever is required to fit in all the relevant information without wasting space. Therefore, to properly geo-reference each plate, you will need to identify at least two points (e.g. CUTIS and CFVGK in this case), look up their lat/long in the published tables, and ...

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