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Does anyone have photos of internal parts of ELAC, FAC, SEC or Boeing 777 flight computers?

A little late but maybe I can help you. The Spoiler Elevator Computer is based on, in total, four CPUs. Two 80186 and two 8086. Airbus computer in general, or at least in case of FBW computer, are ...
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Do cell phones interfere with GA avionics?

You are mistaken. Cell phones are not banned onboard because they do interfere with airliner avionics. They are banned for two reasons: because their use while airborne interferes with ground-based ...
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Testing magnetos during engine failure

If you have a mag failure, it may just quit and act like it's not there, but it can also do things that will make the engine feel like it wants to leave the airplane and move to another city. That is, ...
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Testing magnetos during engine failure

Each of the cylinders in the engine has two spark plugs, one connected to each magneto. If one spark plug is fouled or fails, the combustion in that cylinder will not be as complete as it is in the ...
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Did the F-16 have an AoA limiter since the very first variant?

Answer depends on what you mean by a limiter. The F16 was designed from the outset to be aerodynamically unstable with the computer keeping it with the constraints of the current flight envelope - ...

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