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Questions tagged [fairchild-a-10]

A dedicated ground-attack twinjet produced by Fairchild Republic from 1972 through 1984 and still in service today; famous for its near-indestructibility.

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Why are almost all winglets turned upwards?

Look at a 737, A320, A330, etc. All of them have upturned winglets. Why are they all upturned instead of downturned? Is there a reason for this or is it just how things ended up? I was looking around ...
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External stores on the A-10 Warthog

I would like to understand the hardpoint use for the A-10A during the 1980s. From various official and model-building sources, there are eight wing and three fuselage pylons, all permanently installed,...
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CL604/650 (or CRJ1/2) max loiter time (using it as a reference point to compare the A-10 to)

In some discussions I was having with a (back-office) USAF acquaintance about the F-35 vs. A-10 debate, the topic of loiter time came up. Wikipedia provides a 1.88 hour (112min) loiter time for the A-...
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Why are the wingtips of the Fairchild-Republic A-10 bent downward? [duplicate]

Why are the wingtips of the Fairchild-Republic A-10 bent downwards?It is subsonic aircraft .
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What flight conditions trigger the "altitude, altitude" callout on an A-10?

I saw this video that shows an A-10 mission in Afghanistan. At 4:31 and 6:08 the callout "Altitude, altitude" is audible. I would like to know which flight conditions are required to trigger the ...
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Why can the A-10’s engines flame out merely from ingesting smoke from its gun?

Apparently, firing the A-10’s GAU-8 cannon can sometimes cause its GE CF34 engines to flame out from ingesting the smoke from said gun. It’s easy to see how the gun’s smoke could be ingested by the ...
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Is the A-10's cannon effective against tanks?

Perhaps this isn't on-topic, but is the A-10 effective against tanks (tank armour) when using its cannon? For example, this page claims: Using the cannon, the A-10 is capable of disabling a main ...
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With similar weapons why does an AH64 Apache require a pilot and gunner when the A10 Warthog only needs a pilot?

The Apache has a 30mm chain gun. It carries Hellfire (anti armor), Stinger/Sidewinder (air to air) and Hydra (air to ground, APKWS guidance package available) missiles. source The Warthog has a ...
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How much is airspeed reduced on an A10-Warthog when firing its cannon?

I just read on reddit that you could use the recoil of the gun as the propelling force for the A-10 if pointed backwards. There is also a question here on Aviation.SE, saying that the gun has the same ...
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Is the A-10 Warthog being discontinued?

Popular forum feedback on the A-10 Warthog is that it is held in high esteem however I also read that it is no longer being manufactured. Is this true and why would a highly successful combat aircraft ...
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What are these 4 red spots on the A-10?

What are these 4 spots on the wings and fuselage of the A-10? I can't seem to find a closer shot of their wings but each spot looks like a small target with a dot and an outer circle, mostly in red, ...
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Does the cannon of the A-10 deliver more thrust than the engines do?

The A-10 Warthog is built around a 30 mm cannon that fires depleted uranium rounds, 65 of them per second. I heard from someone who worked on the flight controls a long time ago, that when the cannon ...
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Does the A-10 Thunderbolt fly without the GAU-8?

Has the A-10 Thunderbolt ever flown without the GAU-8? Can it be done with a ballast in place of the gun? I'm not referring only to the combat role of the A-10, a plane used for training or a ferry ...
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What is the purpose of the box between the engines of an A-10?

There is a curious box between the engines of an A-10. It's seems rather rudimentary, like an afterthought, although it was present on the prototype. I've found a few cutaways but this part is hidden....
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What is the dark spot visible below the cockpit on A-10s?

On most A-10s I have seen, the area under the cockpit is darker than the rest of the plane. Is there a reason for this?
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