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A flameout occurs when the flame in the combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine is extinguished.

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Why use a RAT when engines can windmill?

When a dual engine flame-out is encountered, and the engines themselves are not damaged such as in the case of Air Transat Flight 236, why is the RAT deployed for emergency power instead of using the ...
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How did the MiG-25M prevent a flameout?

How do afterburning turbofan or turbojet planes prevent or minimize the risk of a flameout at nearspace altitudes such as Fedotov's Mig-25M that went higher than 115K ft (35 km) two times? At these ...
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How much water does it take to cause a flameout in a modern turbine engine?

Turbine engines such as the PT6 that have inertial separators have a reputation for being able to deal with intake water very well. How much can they handle? Do the manufacturers torture-test their ...
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Why does a turbofan shut off when rapidly retarding the thrust levers?

In a turbofan engine, when the thrust lever is at maximum and is then suddenly pulled back to idle, the engine will shut off and lose power. How can this be the case as the engine should be at idle ...
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Why can the A-10’s engines flame out merely from ingesting smoke from its gun?

Apparently, firing the A-10’s GAU-8 cannon can sometimes cause its GE CF34 engines to flame out from ingesting the smoke from said gun. It’s easy to see how the gun’s smoke could be ingested by the ...
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What is the procedure for restarting an F-16 in the air?

If there is a flameout on the F-16 in the air, what is the procedure for restarting it? I'm sure this is an elaborate checklist, so I'm only asking for an overview of the key parts, especially I'm ...
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What are the major causes of flameout, excluding ingestion of foreign objects?

What are the most frequent causes of flameout, excluding ingestion of foreign objects and other sudden forms of damage to the engine? I'm limiting this to modern turbojet and turbofan engines with a ...
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What is the stability of a 777-like plane if the engines flameout and the autopilot disconnects and the pilots don't make any inputs?

According to Wikipedia: If no control inputs were made following flameout and the disengagement of autopilot, the aircraft would likely have entered a spiral dive and entered the ocean within 20 ...
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How does a lean die-out occur in a turbine engine?

Essentially a lean die-out occurs at higher altitudes with low engine speed, and low fuel pressure, which results in a weak flame. So an overly lean mixture exists. With these conditions, how would ...
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