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Use for questions about the weapons and ammunition carried onboard combat aircraft, such as bombs, cannon, and missiles.

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What if the bomb bay is hit?

The bomb bay on s heavy bomber is a somewhat big target. If the ordnance were to explode, it would be very dangerous for nearby aircraft. But I haven't really seen much evidence of concern over this ...
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External stores on the A-10 Warthog

I would like to understand the hardpoint use for the A-10A during the 1980s. From various official and model-building sources, there are eight wing and three fuselage pylons, all permanently installed,...
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When a bomber releases a huge payload of bombs, why don't they collide with each other in mid air?

Below given are images of bombers releasing many bombs at the same time. Why don't they collide with each other?
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Can a person legally mount a fake gun on an amateur-built aircraft?

Is there an FAA rule that states that no amateur-built aircraft are allowed to have a weapon mounted to it? (If so, I'd certainly like to see this rule and its conditions) Say I want to build an ...
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As at 2020, why don't fighter jets have ≥ 200 rounds for their cannons?

I already read Why do fighter jets still have guns/cannons?, but it doesn't expound why 100-200 rounds suffice or how "6 seconds is actually a lot of 'gun time' for modern air-to-air systems ...
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How do missiles steer (mainly air to surface)?

How do missiles steer in the air? What techniques do they use?
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Does the payload of an ICBM or regular airplane bomber explode if the ICBM or bomber is shot down?

As the top says, does the payload of an ICBM or regular airplane bomber (please excuse my ignorance) explode if the ICBM or bomber is shot down? So, say a defense laser in space (yes, I know; this is ...
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Can a F-4 Phantom II pilot control weapons?

In the F-4 Phantom II, can the pilot in the front seat control the weaponry as well, or do they only fly the aircraft? And can the weapons officer in the back fly the aircraft in emergencies, e.g. if ...
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Can the Kawasaki T-4 carry weapons?

The Kawasaki T-4 is a jet trainer aircraft. However, it seems to have two hardpoints. Armament Two hardpoints for external fuel tanks Can these be used to carry weapons? E.g., unguided bombs or ...
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How do conventional missiles fly?

With the exception of cruise missiles, most missiles don't have any obvious lifting device. If you watch a missile being fired, prior to its rocket firing it does exactly what you'd expect: ...
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Why do modern fighter jets use 20mm guns?

Why do modern fighter jets use 20mm guns? Is the armor of a modern jet that thick? Does, for example, .50 (12.7mm) ammunition lack velocity to be effective? I'm just curious on why is that 20mm is so ...
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Can fighter jets be reloaded with ammunition mid-flight?

I know that we can re-fuel fighter jets mid-flight, but do we have also a mechanism to reload them with ammunition during mid-flight so they don't need to go back to base to reload?
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What makes a bomber able to deliver nuclear bombs?

Currently the German Luftwaffe has Panavia Tornados to deliver American nuclear bombs in case of war. The bombers are getting older and are currently modernized. The German Luftwaffe also has ...
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How does dropping ordnance affect the weight and balance of the aircraft?

During a mission, military aircraft often shed a lot of weight from takeoff to landing. An F-15C (empty weight: 28,000 lbs) carries an internal fuel load of 13,455 lbs (almost a third of take-off ...
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Why do heavy bombers not carry air-to-air missiles?

Imagine a heavy bomber – such as the B52, Tu160 or B1 – is heading toward a hot zone carrying a large number of AMRAAM or longer ranged missiles. Why doesn't it also carry air-to-air ...
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Why do fighter jets still have guns/cannons?

I noticed that the "new" F-35 still has a GAU-22/A cannon installed in it -- albeit with only 182 rounds (more with ammo pods). Why do fighters still have cannons? The day of dogfighting is long ...
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