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Tyre wear and land gear shock reduced by wheel spin up [duplicate]

From the answer to the question 'How are forces on the landing gear reduced or compensated for at touchdown?' I note: "For what it's worth you do not necessarily want to spin up the gear before ...
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Would this modified tire work to prespin an aircraft tire? [duplicate]

In order to decrease that initial hit of the tire spinning up to ground speed on the runway, could adding a blades or shape into the tire rim of a commercial plane save on tires by prespinning the ...
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Why are aircraft tires not pre-spun prior to landing? [duplicate]

Currently, as far as I know, most modern (big) airliners do not pre-spint the tires before landing. The question is why not, as there are certain benefits. This question was asked here before Why are ...
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What would be the feasibility of an auto-rotating landing gear system? [duplicate]

Has a feasibility study been considered that would allow for auto-rotation of heavy commercial aircraft landing wheels so that tire rotation matches air speed pre-landing?
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Is a firm landing an indication of the pilot inexperience?

In a commercial airplane, when a landing has been a bit firm, a passenger may think it was not perfect, or maybe performed by an inexperienced pilot. (Source) A perfect landing is seen by passengers ...
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Why tap the brakes on take-off in fixed gear aircraft?

The Socata TB10 checklist indicates that you should touch the brakes after lift-off. I assume this is to stop the wheels from turning, but why? In a retractable gear aircraft this would make sense to ...
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Why do landing gear tires smoke upon touchdown?

I have been observing several aircraft landings and have noticed that when the aircraft's landing gear touches down, it precipitates the rising of a cloud of smoke. Why is this? (Source: airliners....
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Why are aircraft tyres not grooved horizontally?

Why are aircraft tyres not grooved horizontally like vehicle tyres? If the tyres are grooved horizontally won't it help in achieving more friction and reduce the chances of veering off?
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How long do airliner tires last? Can this be improved?

I imagine that the tires on commercial jets wear out pretty fast with all those squealing landings as the tire suddenly has to spin up from zero to the speed of landing. 2 questions: How many ...
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Why don't small aircraft produce tyre smoke when landing, but big aircraft do?

On almost any recording of big aircraft landing, a huge cloud of smoke can be seen. This even applies to the relatively small Cessna Citation. But I never saw such smoke, at least not visible one, on ...
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How do landing gear retracting into the wing affect performance when deployed?

On many aircraft with low wing, landing gear (either wheel, leg, or both) retracts into the wing. Thus, when deployed, a significant part of the lower surface of the wing is not as clean as when the ...
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What is the cause of tire marks at the extreme ends of runways?

At LAX, planes (usually) take off from east to west. On the west end of the runways there are dark tire marks. What is the cause of thesey tire marks? Failed take offs? Late landings? Something else? ...
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How often is a tire replaced on a 777?

Given that it is long haul aircraft, and is most widely used by airlines in that capacity: How often do they replace the whole tire? How much does 1 tire cost the airline?
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How are forces on the landing gear reduced or compensated for at touchdown?

When an aircraft lands with the tires of the landing gear at rest, as soon as the the aircraft touches down, the landing gear experiences a large amount of wheel-spin up forces (because of the static ...
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What is the stress tolerance of landing gear of commercial aircraft?

Context: The landing skills of commercial airline pilots vary widely -- ranging from the ability to routinely make feather-touch landings and taxi and almost imperceptible deceleration on the one hand,...
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