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Los Angeles International Airport (ICAO: KLAX, IATA: LAX), commonly known as LAX

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Does this chart show a heliport in class D airspace without a control tower?

I was looking at the Los Angeles area on sky vector, and I noticed a tiny little triangular class D area right next to LAX. It shows that the height of the class D goes up to 2,500, but I couldn't see ...
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Where do LAX commercial cargo planes land/take off?

At the Los Angeles airport, do commercial freight planes such as a 777F, 737F etc. take off near the Lufthansa / FedEx / DHL cargo areas from the 25L /25R runways towards the ocean ? Do they land in ...
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Southwest corner of LAX has peculiar airplane parts, what is this area?

In the Southwest corner of LAX (at the intersection of Imperial Highway and Pershing Dr.) there is a strange looking area that appears to have some abandoned airplane parts. Also, it looks like a road-...
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What is the cause of tire marks at the extreme ends of runways?

At LAX, planes (usually) take off from east to west. On the west end of the runways there are dark tire marks. What is the cause of thesey tire marks? Failed take offs? Late landings? Something else? ...
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Why do my flights always use runway 24L at LAX airport?

I have taken several flights (in and out) from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), both domestic and international and have flown in variety of commercial planes (727, 737, 747, 757, 777, 787, ...
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