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A hard landing is a landing where an aircraft touches down abnormally forcefully, which may cause damage and would call for an inspection before the aircraft is deemed airworthy again.

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What “slang” do pilots and controllers use to refer to a “hard landing”?

Aviation is an environment which pilots and controllers use various phrases "off stage" to describe things in different terms from the standard ones. How do they say (far from the mics), ...
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Do wings actually flex upon landing (especially hard landings)?

I have been playing some flight sims and have noticed that in some of them you get wing flex during hard landings. Is it realistic? Can wings flex upon a hard landing?
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Why don't small aircraft produce tyre smoke when landing, but big aircraft do?

On almost any recording of big aircraft landing, a huge cloud of smoke can be seen. This even applies to the relatively small Cessna Citation. But I never saw such smoke, at least not visible one, on ...
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Can a Boeing 737-800 make a smooth landing on a 7000-foot runway?

I recently flew on an Avelo (brand new airline) Boeing 737-800 to KBUR, 6886’ x 150’ runway. It was a VERY rough touchdown, the braking system made a lot of racket, and our foreheads hit the seats in ...
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Main structural (and any other) impact of hard landing

I was reading this question related to the parts suffering the most G forces. Reflecting about that question I question myself about hard landing, which is not a normal operation. So, my especific ...
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