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How do airlines without assigned seating verify cargo balance? [duplicate]

How to approximate the mass of passengers is well explained, but balance of the aircraft is concerned more with where they sit. Other answers have hinted that assigned seating locations are one method ...
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How do airlines handle their non-standard passengers for the load control process? [duplicate]

How are non-standard passenger weights maintained in the systems? How they do they handle these passenger weights between check in and load control system and etc..
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Would it help airlines, if they knew passenger weight before hand? [duplicate]

Its known that pilots and technicians calculate the weight of the plane once everything is loaded, then they can decide on how much fuelling etc. needs to be done. Would it help airlines, if they ...
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Passengers Weight configuration [duplicate]

Well as usually when you fly in an airplane they Determine the luggage weight but how do they calculate the airplane weight "necessary so the plane doesn't get overweight" when they don't know the ...
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What kind of problems can a flight have if passenger weight is miscalculated?

There was a widely reported news story about a TUI Boeing 737 flight, where a bug in reservations system caused 38 passenger on the flight to be allocated a 38kg standard weight as opposed to the ...
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How does a commercial airliner measure its weight/mass?

Other questions currently being answered cover situations regarding planes near, at or even above their MTOW. It raises a more basic question: how is the exact "ramp weight" of an airliner measured or ...
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Would an accurate weight of a loaded aircraft be helpful?

If a commercial aircraft's actual weight at takeoff is accurately known (instead of being estimated), can this help with use of thrust, optimal altitude, etc and therefore fuel savings, emissions etc.?...
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Do modern aircraft have sensors to determine weight of the aircraft? [duplicate]

Do ALL modern aircraft, particulary airliners and private jets, have weight sensors on all landing gear to determine take off and landing weight in real time so as to determine take off speed and ...
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How do the airlines allot the passengers seats to make sure the balance is maintained?

How do the airlines allot the seats for the passengers? Is there any procedure, like first front seats has to be filled next middle and at last the end seats? Any algorithm works during the ticket ...
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Safety factor in airliner design

I am currently working on a baseline configuration and initial sizing for a conventional airliner with 90 passengers. The FAA states that an average passenger weighs approx. 80kg. When calculating my ...
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