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Boarding as it relates to the airline/carrier operations; for passenger related questions, visit Travel Stack Exchange.

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Why deplane all passengers and not the troublemaker?

I'm sure you've seen videos like this where they ask everybody to deplane before the police removes an unruly passenger, why? I remember they use to just remove that passenger alone, why do they need ...
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Would airline got charge for late on depart from the gate due to passenger boarding issue? If so, what is the charge like? [closed]

Airline wants the boarding be completed as quick as possible. I wonder what is the cost for any delay? On the other hand, I want get a dollar value for any delay and see the justification value for ...
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What Paper Format do Boarding Passes use? [closed]

I'm looking at creating some Boarding Passes for my Virtual Airline called "Zelandas". After looking at websites like the SITA website, Wikipedia, and more, I cannot seem to find what format of paper ...
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What needs to be considered when changing a tire during boarding/deboarding?

Passenger aircraft tires are physically inspected by the cockpit crew member or technician after each landing or before take-off, that the tire may have been cut or punctured as it may have hit ...
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What is minimum information required to identify if two people will be on the same flight?

I asked this question on travel.stackexchange and got an amazing response but I was advised it better suits aviation.stackexchange and should ask here for a better response, so here it is. I have a ...
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What happens if a passenger passes through the boarding gate, but doesn't get on the aircraft? [closed]

At one time, I was bored because of a delayed flight and that question arose in my mind just for curiosity. I haven't observed any mechanism that checks or counts the passengers who get on the ...
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Why do Ryanair not use jetways? [duplicate]

Whilst flying into London's Stanstead Airport the other day I noticed that despite there being many jetways available Ryanair weren't using them for any of their planes. Instead, they'd chosen to have ...
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Why aren't passengers sorted before embarking? [closed]

Boarding a plane takes a bit of time. Especially if passengers enter the plane in a random order as those stopping to store their baggage might block the lane for others. Why airlines don't sort ...
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Is "passenger loading bridge" a synonym to "contact stand"?

In a master plan of an international airport, which is already approved by the client, I face some confusion between the terminology of the PLB and the contact stand. Sometimes they're mentioned just ...
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When may passengers board the aircraft and who makes the decision?

Who decides when the passengers may board the aircraft? Is this a pilot or cabin crew decision, and what are the prerequisites / conditions (cabin checks completed, flight plan filed, ...?) for this ...
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Is it normal practice to refuel commerical planes whilst boarding is taking place?

The other day, I was on a KLM Boeing 737. I had just sat down in my seat, and the captain was making announcement. He said something along the lines of, As we are refuelling at this moment, please ...
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Why is dropping off passengers on the ramp by bus not more common?

Even at remote terminals as discussed in this answer it seems there's a preference for using a jet bridge to get passengers to and from the aircraft. Can't the passengers just be bussed directly to ...
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Why are airplane passengers boarded from front to back? [duplicate]

Last time I boarded a flight (Boeing 717 with Delta, with assigned seats), the passengers were split into 4 groups and allowed to board the plane in an order that filled seats from front to back. I ...
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Why will reducing the boarding time reduce the costs?

There are quite a number of publications about airplane boarding which all usually begin with something like: Boarding is an expensive process that costs so much, that by reducing the boarding time ...
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Would random sitting arrangement be the best way of boarding for passengers?

This is more in relation to flights which have a single class of passengers with a short haul flight duration. Why don't airlines adopt random seating arrangement i.e. first come first serve basis. We ...
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Why aren't planes loaded from both ends?

Related to this question about plane loading efficiency, if planes have multiple entrances (generally 6 or more) why are planes not loaded from both ends? I think I've seen it happen sometimes, but ...
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Why don't airlines load their passengers like freight?

Apparently, the time for boarding and deboarding an airplane is a large cost factor and something airlines try to minimize but have trouble controlling because the passengers do it themselves. A ...
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Is triskaedekiphobia (fear of the number 13) the reason commercial planes normally do not have a row 13?

When I first time heard this "legend" I couldn't believe it. I was really surprised, if not shocked, to actually find row 13 missing on my next passenger flight. (I believe it was a Boeing 737.) Is ...
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Seating distribution in passenger aircraft [closed]

Recently I was checking in to a flight and was asked if I'd like a window or aisle seat as usual and choose a window seat. I was then told that there are no more window seats available but I could get ...
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How can one enter an airliner without stairs or a jet bridge?

I see that big planes (B737, A319 etc.) always need a staircase or a boarding tunnel in order for crew or passengers to enter the cabin since the position of the entry door is quite high (meters above ...
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