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An Irish budget airline operating Boeing 737-800 aircraft in Europe.

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Why Ryanair flies from both Stansted and Luton as they are very close

I am doing a research on my future trip from the United Kingdom to the Republic of Ireland and noticed Ryanair flies from both Luton and Stansted to there. Those two airports are quite close to each ...
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What happened to the engines on takeoff here (loud popping sound then silence) [closed]

What is the cause of the sound shortly after rotation in this short video? And does anyone know what flight this was and what happened? (i.e. incident report) as I can't find any news about a fatal ...
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Why does Ryanair always fill its flight plans with the same remark?

With my current position, I have access to samples of ATC recordings, including all the flight plans received by a FIR. Parsing these recordings, I noticed that Ryanair always put the following ...
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What happens to Ryanair aircraft after they leave the airline?

According to the fleet renovation and the short age of all their aircraft (6.5 years), what happens to Ryanair's aircraft after their time in the company? Are there other companies willing to accept ...
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Why we had two empty rows on busy Ryanair flight Boeing 737-800 and no one was allowed to seat there? [closed]

Back in 2012 I flew from Tenerife South airport to London Stansted with Ryanair airline. All the tickets for this flight were sold out. But 3rd and 4th row on this Boeing 737-800 were empty (12 empty ...
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Is it true that Ryanair flies without fuel reserves? [closed]

Is it true that Ryanair flies without any fuel reserves so they get priority to land? I was told that they declare an emergency for landing because of low fuel levels, that is why they always arrive ...
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Why do Ryanair not use jetways? [duplicate]

Whilst flying into London's Stanstead Airport the other day I noticed that despite there being many jetways available Ryanair weren't using them for any of their planes. Instead, they'd chosen to have ...
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10 votes
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How can Ryanair offer flights for a penny?

Of course, we all know that you're not exactly treated like a rockstar on Ryanair, and their CEO wants to charge us £1 to use the toilet; but still, how can they offer flights for a penny?! Looking ...
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What does Ryanair do without Sick Bags?

Sorry for the slightly strange question, but Ryanair (Europe's Largest Low Cost Carrier) decided that seat back pockets took too much effort and got rid of them, and it appears the sick bags in the ...
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