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Runways that cross or intersect each other at some point along their lengths.

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Why would different crossing runways at one airport be on different radio frequencies?

In this answer the following image was included which shows that control of two crossing runways are on different radio frequencies. Source: AIP Denmark EK AD 2 - EKCH - AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY It ...
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What are the most efficient layouts of multiple runways?

Many airports have more than one runway. How should runways be built in order to achieve maximum usage and minimum delays? Many major airports have most, if not all, parallel runways. Examples ...
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What information does a pilot have about aircraft operating on an intersecting runway?

This incident at O'Hare from July 2006 made me wonder what information is available to a pilot (specifically, in an airliner) regarding aircraft that are using an intersecting runway. In this ...
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