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Questions tagged [v-tail]

For questions about slanted vertical stabilizers in the shape of a V, which can act as both vertical and horizontal stabilizers. This can be a normal or inverted V-tail.

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How do hybrid control surfaces work?

I am trying to build a self-stabilized model rocket with actuated fins. Suppose the rocket has 4 fins. The diagonal fins must rotate together to control the yaw/pitch motion, and all the fins are ...
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V-tail induced roll and main wing design considerations

If the only difference between two hypothetical aircrafts is that one has a conventional V-tail, while the other has an inverted V-tail, then, when rudder pedal is pressed a conventional V-tail ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Does this type of stabilizer exist?

If they do then what aircraft are they installed in? This stabilizer is not a T-tail shaped stabilizer. As you can see there are 2 v-shaped vertical stabilizers with a horizontal stabilizer ...
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What is the difference between the V-shape tail and the straight tail on the Beechcraft Bonanza?

In one of the answers to the question which aircraft is the oldest in production, the Beechcraft Bonanza is mentioned. While reading the Wikipedia entry on this interesting plane, I noticed that ...
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How do the Beech Bonanza's ruddervators work?

How do the Beech Bonanza's ruddervators work? When the yoke is pulled completely back, is it possible to use rudder?
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