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A single-engine general-aviation airplane produced continuously since 1947, longer than any other aircraft in history.

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What could cause a lower manifold pressure at full power after an annual?

I recently completed the annual on my E33 Bonanza. I notice on takeoff at full power that the MAP is about 1" less pressure than it was in the past at my home airport. It is also about 1.5" less ...
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Why is this video of a G36 Bonanza taking off so scary?

Why is this video of a G36 Bonanza so 'scary'? If they had clipped the top of the trees, would it really have brought the plane down? (And even if yes, it looks pretty ...
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Is the Beechcraft Bonanza Jaguar edition different from any other A36?

I've seen a few Beechcraft A36 Bonanzas with special Jaguar marketing. Some have special paint or interiors. During some hangar talk I've heard it said that the Jaguar edition is faster. Does it ...
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How much do 1947 and 2014 Beechcraft Bonanzas have in common?

A question about the tail shape of the Bonanza and Oldest aircraft still in production led me to wonder how much the first and latest aircraft in this series actually have in common. 1947 lost ...
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What is the difference between the V-shape tail and the straight tail on the Beechcraft Bonanza?

In one of the answers to the question which aircraft is the oldest in production, the Beechcraft Bonanza is mentioned. While reading the Wikipedia entry on this interesting plane, I noticed that ...
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How do the Beech Bonanza's ruddervators work?

How do the Beech Bonanza's ruddervators work? When the yoke is pulled completely back, is it possible to use rudder?
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