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What are the restrictions on a private pilot who is not logging time?

A private pilot can avoid the "flight time is sometimes compensation" rule by not logging the flight time. If Bob, a private pilot, is not logging flight time, what are the limits on ...
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Can you make money from a flying blog or YouTube channel with a PPL? [duplicate]

Is it legal for a private pilot to blog about flights, or record them and post the videos online, and monetize the content using ads?
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61.113 - As a private pilot, can I be reimbursed for flights on which I conduct scientific measurements for my job/school?

I'm a grad student working on some research that is funded by grants awarded to my advisor at an American university. We perform scientific measurements using GPS receivers and are considering ...
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Is it legal to accept money for flight training as a gift?

If John offers to pay for Jane's PPL flight training, and Jane accepts it, is she violating rules against compensation? If so, is it feasible to get some kind of waiver? Does it matter whether or not ...
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Under FAA rules, can a private pilot act as PIC in aircraft furnished by someone else if they're not otherwise compensated?

Let's say I'm visiting a friend who happens to own an airplane, and I happen to be a private pilot holding a valid FAA PPL, as well as being familiar with the make and model my friend owns. Suppose my ...
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Can a holder of a Commercial Pilot License be compensated for business flight expenses?

I’m buying a plane with business partners as we travel often for business. If I obtain my commercial license can I then be reimbursed or technically “compensated” for all flight expenses whether one, ...
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Is company-sponsored training considered compensation?

I have a company looking to hire me to help setup their new flight department. During that process and while I am on salary they want to pay for me to get the rest of my ratings. I don't believe this ...
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May pilots receive compensation for performing preventive maintenance under US regulations?

Under FAA regulations, I know that at least a private pilot certificate must be held in order for a pilot to perform preventive maintenance on an aircraft. May a pilot also get paid by someone else ...
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Private Pilot Compensation

I am a new private pilot. My parents want me to take them flying. I do work and have a bit of my own money, but compared to the cost of flying it is not much. My parents paid for most of my training. ...
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Can I charge for editing footage from a video that was taken during a flight as a private pilot in US?

I am a private pilot, and I went with one of my friends to a skydiving trip in a rented Cessna 172 that we split the cost on pro-rata. I also used my video making equipment to record the duration of ...
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