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Use for the aerodynamic aspect ratio

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Literature request for effect of Aspect Ratio and Wing Sweep on critical angle of attack?

So I'm trying to find academic literature detailing how both aspect ratio and taper ratio affect the critical angle attack of an aerofoil - namely for a v. low AR wing (AR<1), and high sweep (~75 ...
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Comparisons between the A340 and 747-200 wing: sweep angle and span

Here is a picture of the wings of the A340 (launched in the late 1980s) and the Boeing 747-200/400 (launched in the early 1970s / 80s) superimposed upon each other (source:
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How to calculate sink rate from wing measurements

First of all, sorry to bother you when I am coming from a bird rather than aircraft background. I have two questions that I'm struggling to get an answer for. Firstly, how is sink rate calculated (...
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How have engineers managed to increase commercial airliner wing aspect ratios over time?

Over time, the wing aspect ratios of commercial airliners have increased. For evidence ,see the following data: 1980s: Boeing 747-400: 7.91, Boeing 757-200: 8.0 Boeing 767-300: 8.0 Airbus A310: 8.8 ...
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Aspect Ratio conceptual estimate

so I know that AR=b^2/S. But let’s say that I don’t know b or S, how can I estimate the optimal AR if I know only this: How many passengers are going to be onboard, cruise velocity (subsonic), ...
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Does the 737 have a higher aspect ratio than most later 7X7's?

In this video: The Insane Engineering of the 787 there's a chart (at around 10:40 in) which shows that the 737 (which series?) has an aspect ratio of over 9, while the 747, 757, 767 and 777 rise from ...
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What are the design principles that result in thin, long-span, narrow chord main rotor blades?

Regardless of the overall design configuration of a helicopter, it appears that helicopters have main rotor blades that all fall into the class of ultrahigh aspect-ratio wing design: that is, you ...
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Why is aspect ratio important to pilots?

Aspect ratio is mentioned in chapter 1 of AFM .. why do pilots need to know this and its specific value; what should a pilot derive from that value?