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The mechanisms by which aircraft engines power ancillary engine equipment, such as the engine-driven generators and oil and hydraulic pumps.

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Why are the 737's variable-speed generator drives so unreliable?

The 737 Classic has two different possible styles of engine-driven generators, distinguished by the generator's drive mechanism: the constant-speed drive (CSD) and the variable-speed constant-...
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Where can PT-6 engine series starter-Generator diagrams be found?

Wondering if anyone can direct me to the spec sheet, diagrams, and breakdowns of a typical Starter-Generator for a PT-6, say a PT6-66 series or similar. And also who are the major manufacturers of ...
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What is an accessory gearbox?

Many 737 engines have an accessory gearbox on the 9'o clock position, which is part of why the engine has a flat-bottomed shape. What exactly is an accessory gearbox?
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What is the different between an aircraft engine gearbox and an aircraft engine transmission?

For an aircraft engine, what is the difference between a gearbox and a transmission? I was of the understanding that a transmission is a type of gearbox. For example, in a helicopter, a transmission ...
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