A runway inspection found a "Land And Hold Short Of" (LAHSO) embedded light had become dislodged and had caused damage to a tyre.


What is such a light, and what does it look like?

See also How are runway lights constructed?


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It's an in-pavement (flush) light bar that indicates the hold-short for the LAHSO operations. See: What is a land and hold short clearance (LAHSO)? For the FAA they are:

FLASHING L-850A OR L-850F LIGHT FIXTURE (Source: AC No: 150/5345-54B)

A single L-850F unit in the light bar looks like this:

enter image description here

enter image description here
(FAA AIM) The light bars are located as indicated by the blue arrows.

I tried to find a video to show the pulsating white light at night when in use, but I couldn't find any. By checking Boston Logan (KBOS) on Google Earth, and zooming in at where the LAHSO hold-short lines are, the flush light fixtures can be barely seen:

enter image description here


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