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Questions tagged [zoom-climb]

A flight pattern in which a plane on full thrust pitches its nose up to reach high altitudes above its service ceiling by climbing mostly on thrust rather than aerodynamics.

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1 answer

How did the MiG-25M prevent a flameout?

How do afterburning turbofan or turbojet planes prevent or minimize the risk of a flameout at nearspace altitudes such as Fedotov's Mig-25M that went higher than 115K ft (35 km) two times? At these ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is the U2's 74,000 ft the highest a turbofan plane ever has gone?

What is the altitude record for a turbofan? The (usually) turbofan-powered U2 has gone to 74,000 ft (22.6 km) MSL, but did any turbofan plane surpass that, in a zoom climb for instance and with ...
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What is the Eurofighter's altitude record?

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a pretty nimble fighter jet, and many European countries use it in their military. Its service ceiling is 65,000 ft, but what is its current altitude record from a zoom ...
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