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Can an aircraft transmit Mode C when Mode A is in STANDBY or OFF?

I am a software developer in the aviation industry, so I do apologize if my terminology is not correct. What I want to know is - are there any cases in which the aircraft's Mode A is switched to OFF ...
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How does ADS-B get pressure altitude? [duplicate]

I have learned that ADS-B out broadcasts both Pressure altitude and GPS Altitude. GPS altitude is, obviously, available from the GPS, but where and how does it determine pressure altitude? Does it ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Does ADS-B use its own antenna?

In the aircraft we have: ADS-B out/in using 1090ES A/C or Mode S transponder for SSR grounding interrogation. Does the ADS-B out use the same antenna as Mode S or does it use its own antenna?
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Does the ATC not receiving Mode C and intermittently other transponder information imply that the Mode S transponder itself has an issue?

I had ATC report to me inflight today that they were not receiving my Mode C (altitude data). Intermittently, they also reported they were not seeing any other transponder information. My transponder ...
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