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A highly-successful four-engine Lockheed propliner built from 1941 through 1958 in several variants, known for its distinctive streamlined fuselage and triple vertical tail.

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Nose wheels with camber [duplicate]

What is the reason for the inward slanting nose wheels on a Lockheed Constellation? Are there other aircraft with same design.
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Why were square windows a problem for the Comet, but not for the Super Constellation?

Famously, one of the problems dooming the Comet was the square windows. But the contemporary Super Constellation also had square windows but I can't find any articles detailing similar problems to the ...
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Why is the empennage design of this Lockheed 1049E so complicated?

Photo. What is the reason for making the empennage of this Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation's design look so complicated with two vertical horizontal stabilizers? In my understanding, the more ...
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Why are the Constellation's nosewheels canted inwards?

Why are the nosewheels on the Constellation canted in a few degrees? Is it to ensure both tyres have ground contact during tight ground turns? I've observed that on the A320 during tight turns that ...
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Why is the Constellation's nose gear so long?

The Lockheed Constellation has an enormously long nose gear, which causes the aircraft to slant appreciably backwards when sitting on the ground: L-049 (Image by Greg and Cindy at Flickr, modified ...
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What safety issues led the FAA to ban Constellation flights into/out of the U.S.?

Although the Lockheed Constellation (like the other late, large piston airliners) was superseded in the 1960s and 1970s by newer jets (plus turboprops for shorter/lighter routes), it hung on into the ...
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