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A Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is a business that offers aviation services at an airport, especially fuel and parking

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Does the FAA regulate FBOs?

One of our local airfields is a small D class, towered during the day, probably kept running at this status mostly because of historical/charity reasons. It gets 2 or 3 commercial flights a day and a ...
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How do FBOs Work?

As a student pilot, there are many things taught in training, but I've found that one of the things missing from training is "real world" flying. For example, I don't really know what you ...
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How do class E/G airfields charge for stops without refuel?

Do many Class E/G airfields charge for short stops without gas purchase? Sorry for the stupid question...recent PPL here and my training has mostly been T&G rather than full stops to the FBO. ...
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Why are there some airports not charted as service-available when FBO provides fuel?

On FAA's Aeronautical Chart User's Guide - VFR Charts. It says the tick-mark charted airports provide fuel service. However, at Airport KSIY and 1O5, There are FBOs at both airports. e.g at ...
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i just bought a plane and want to rent it out to a Flight instructor! [closed]

So I just bought a plane and have a flight instructor that wants to rent it from me for his some odd 12 students. Now, I already have a DBA for my real estate business, could i have my DBA own it or? ...
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What is an aviation handler?

I was reading this page about Eurocontrol and flight plans. The author refers several times to a "local handler" who apparently assists in dealing with ATC. What is a handler, who do they work for ...
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How to supply a flying club with MOGAS?

I've noticed that there are very few airports that serve MOGAS. If I wanted to start a flying club with a MOGAS powered airplane, but there wasn't an FBO nearby that served MOGAS how would I go about ...
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What things do you consider when choosing a fixed base operator (FBO)? [closed]

I'm working on some marketing for a regional FBO and while I'm an aviation aficionado, I'm neither a pilot or deeply involved in the aviation industry. I'd love your input on how you research and ...
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How does an FBO refer to the parking spots on the ramp?

How does an FBO refer to the parking spots on the ramp? What is the official term? And is there some sort of an identifier, a "ramp number"? Is this standardized, like runway numbers, or does it vary ...
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What exactly is an FBO and what services are provided?

To most non-U.S. pilots who have little or no experience flying in the U.S., the concept of a FBO is not very well understood. What exactly is a FBO and what are the services that it can provide? I'...
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