Under what circumstances might it happen that a pilot's request to make an emergency landing is refused?

Is such a thing known to have occurred?

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I can imagine a couple of reasons why ATC could tell the pilots to please land somewhere else even if they have an emergency

  • All runways are closed, e.g. they are repaving the runway surface or when the snow trucks haven't yet cleared a thick layer of snow or the instrument landing system is inop and the visual conditions are not good enough, runway flooded after hurricane,...
  • Another emergency in progress, e.g. passengers freely running around on the airport after an evacuation, not safe to land
  • Political reasons with hijacked plane (e.g. Lufthansa Flight 181 Landshut was refused to land even when they declared an emergency with low fuel) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lufthansa_Flight_181
  • Presidential no-fly zone when other airports are available close by.
  • Virus infected people on board to avoid contamination of those on the ground (zombie apocalypse)
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