Wikipedia mentions,

ZZZZ is a pseudo-code, used in flight plans for aerodromes with no ICAO code assigned.

How pilot actually file this flight plan? Is there anything special to do when file for ZZZZ.

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    $\begingroup$ Or things that aren't even aerodromes to begin with -- such as a farmer's field or a parking lot. (Especially useful for helicopter types) $\endgroup$ Feb 16, 2019 at 3:20

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I don't know if you're asking about a specific country, but in the US it seems that you can just use it in place of a regular airport identifier and add supporting information in the remarks.

Specifically, the AIM 5-1 has several references to it, including:

(b) If no four-letter location indicator has been assigned to the departure aerodrome, insert ZZZZ and specify the non-ICAO location identifier, or fix/radial/distance from a nearby navaid, followed by the name of the aerodrome, in Item 18, following characters DEP/,

(c) Then, without a space, insert the estimated off-block time.

  1. KSMF2215
  2. ZZZZ0330

The same wording is used for both FAA and ICAO flight plan instructions.


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