I am working on a commercial right now, but still, this confuses me a lot.

For example, during the preflight, I found that the airplane has inoperative equipment. And our operator has no MEL. Then I need to follow 91.213(d) since we do not have a MEL.

  1. Check VFR-day type certificate
  2. Check KOEL
  3. Check AD's
  4. Check 91.205

KOEL, 91.205 are pretty easy to understand.

But 1. VFR-day type certificate. I looked at TCDS a lot, but I cannot find any equipment list.

On the Comprehensive Equipment List (Section 6) R = Required items or equipment for FAA certification. Does it mean that the equipment listed on the CEL, and indicated with R, are considered as TCDS VFR-day type certificate?

Looking at this page

In summary: The standby altimeter is marked as required in the Comprehensive Equipment List because it's an IFR certification requirement Operationally, the standby altimeter is only required for IFR flight, per the KOEL

Basically, Pondlife wrote that

The Comprehensive Equipment List (section 6 in the POH) lists all the equipment required by the type certificate:

If the equipment is required by any operations (VFR-day, VFR-night, IFR-day, IFR-night), it should be required by CEL. However, the alternate static air source is required by KOEL (IFR operations) not required by CEL (S).


  1. AD's. I know how to look them up on the FAA website. However, what if the check airman asked me to verify if it is not required by AD, how should I verify that the inoperative equipment is not required by AD?

Sorry for the language. I am an international student, not fluent in English. But I really appreciate your help.



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